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Sky World School, Sector 21, Panchkula

About Us

Welcome to our Mother-Toddler program

A special experience designed by the early childhood experts at the Sky World School, that fosters the beautiful bond between mothers and their little ones. Our program provides a safe and nurturing environment, offering a wide range of activities that encourage interaction, communication, and learning. With our dedicated and experienced team of facilitators, we aim to empower mothers and inspire their toddlers' growth through playful engagement, stimulating exploration, and shared experiences. This program is a result of years of research by the experienced and award winning faculty at Sky World School and is held at its campus in Panchkula at a specially designed kindergarten space


Pratibha Patel

Pratibha Patel, an experienced Kindergarten teacher with over 20 years of expertise in working with children. With a strong passion for creating a nurturing environment, Pratibha is excited to connect with parents, foster mutual learning, and witness the remarkable accomplishments our children will achieve together in this program.

Gunisha Makkar

Gunisha, a devoted nursery teacher, has

a year of experience shaping the early development of little ones. She emphasizes the significance of progress, encouraging toddlers to embrace new experiences for their growth. Gunisha's commitment to her role reflects her belief in professionals building remarkable achievements, akin to the Titanic.

Neena Sharma

Neena is an accomplished kindergarten teacher with 15 years of experience. Through her engaging activities, children develop essential life skills, motor skills, logical thinking, and phonic awareness. Her approach fosters independent thinking, problem-solving, and the growth of self-esteem.


The mother toddler program at Sky World School has been a magical journey of love and learning.


Parent of Sakshi

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Sky World School

Sector 21, Panchkula

Tel: 98772-58776

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